Allround 10‘0’’

Tripstix ALLROUND – the world’s stiffest inflatable SUP

More than five years of development work, two awards (winner ISPO BRAND NEW in 2016/2017, 2nd place Edison Award in 2017), two patents and a successfully conducted Kickstarter campaign: our board is the first inflatable that truly deserves the name Allround. It works in any type of condition like a hardboard – on lakes, in waves and rivers.

For who

This board is built for passionate SUPers who value quality, absolute rigidity and a wide range of applications. If you are used to Dropstitch inflatables only, our Allround can also be considered as a step up board. With our Allround you will be able to improve your SUP skills and learn maneuvers like pivot and step back turns in no time!

The nearest Tripstix

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Length:        10‘0“

Width:          31“

Thickness:   4 11/16“

Volume:       178 l

Weight:        13 kg

Packing:    80/60/30cm

inflatable stand up paddle board performance on lake
inflatable stand up paddle board performing in waves
paddling on a canyon river with inflatable stand up paddle boards by Tripstix
… on lakes

With our Allround paddling on lakes becomes a new experience. Thanks to the VacuuAir technology it glides like a hardboard in flat water and conducts every maneuver agilely and directly, but with all the transport advantages of an inflatable – perfect for a short trip to the nearest lake!

… in waves

But it would not be called Allround, if it was not perfectly performing in the ocean and on waves as well. Due to a harmonic rocker line and hardboard stiffness you will catch one wave after the other. A narrow tail section and sharp rails enable perfect control in turns – the best choice for your next holiday trip to the sea!

… in rivers

Discover your home town area with our Allround from a different angle! Due to the VacuuAir technology the board does not get any dings and floats on top of the water, even if being punctured. Small river waves, white water and rapids can be attacked with the large and therefore stable but still performant board.

Advantages of TRIPSTIX technologies
used technology provides high performance inflatable stand up paddle board
inflatable stand up paddle board technology provides ultra-high stiffness plus damping
used technology ensures exact inflatable stand up paddle board shape
Technology tripstix VacuuAir

Layers and chambers of a VacuuAir board

graphic demonstrating the difference between standard inflatable SUPs and inflatable SUPs with VacuuAir Technology

Slice Comparison Dropstitch versus VacuuAir

Technology Tripstix VacuuAir Explosion

Explosion view of a VacuuAir board

The Technology explained

Thorough engineering and years of development lead to new approaches of watersports technologies:

High-pressure chambers with various tube circumferences define the accurate shape of the board.

The vacuum chambers -filled with granule- serve as stringers throughout the entire surfboard.

This worldwide unique technology provides more stiffness and more performance on the water than any other inflatable.

VacuuAir versus Dropstitch

Due to this new and patented approach the VacuuAir technology has several advantages in comparison to a Dropstitch inflatable:

  1. Design of a real board shape with sharp rails, a precise tail/ nose and a defined rocker line is possible.
  2. The multiple chamber system provides ultra stiffness.
  3. The result is a high-performance board.
  4. Due to it’s smart design and top quality you can use our Allround boards in lakes, rivers and waves.
  5. Our boards inflate very fast, they do not need much pressure to work excellently.
  6. The VacuuAir technology is unsinkable.
Step up

Your first time on a TRIPSTIX board can be challenging in terms of balance, if you have had only experience on Dropstitch inflatables so far. Do not let this irritate you! You will only need a little bit of practice to get used to the new feeling. The difference is due to our performance-oriented design, which results in less volume and more fun on the water in no time!

Precisely, this challenge can serve as an incentive for you to strive for the next SUP skill level! Improve your skillset to learn maneuvers like pivot and step back turns, which then again are much easier to achieve with our performance-oriented boards than with Dropstitch inflatables.

Wave SUP inflatable backside
Award winning
ISPO Brand New Winner 16/17 Hardware Summer
ISPO Brandnew Award 2016/ 2017

This honor from the internationally recognized sports fair ISPO represents the world’s largest competition for young entrepreneurs in the sports industry and is therefore the world’s largest platform for sports start-ups. Since 2000 ISPO has been looking for and naming the most promising newcomers in the sports industry. Former award winners, among them GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, Nixon or On shape the market today. TRIPSTIX won the award 2016/2017 in the category Hardware Summer with the Allround 10’0”.

Edison Award
Edison Innovation Award 2017

Originally established in 1987, the Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative products and business leaders in the world and is among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation. It is therefore called the “oscars of innovation”. In 2017, TRIPSTIX achieved the second place in the Outdoor Sports category with the Allround 10’0”.

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