BOARDSPORT SOURCE | Stand Up Paddleboards 2018

The crazy SUP boom is behind us now, but don’t worry because a downturn is nowhere in sight. It’s more like a levelling off in an upward track, which is helping everyone take a step back and relax in order to plan the next phase of market growth from a more realistic viewpoint. Find out how this vision is playing out in the inflatable and hardboard sectors in our 2018 SUP Retail Buyer’s Guide. [read more…]

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BOARDSPORT SOURCE | Tripstix – The World’s First High Performance Inflatable SUP Kickstarter Campaign

A SUP company from Munich are hoping to create the world’s first high performance inflatable stand-up paddle board. Called Tripstix, they have designed boards that combine the advantages of inflatables with the performance of hardboards. [read more…]