TUNA 5‘9’’

Tripstix TUNA – the world’s first inflatable Surfboard

Let us present the ISPO Gold Winner and ISPO Product of the Year 2020: our TUNA 5’9″ fits into a hand luggage but surfs like a hardboard due to it’s real surfboard design and the ClustAir technology, which serves for super stiffness – a real jack in all trades!

For who

This board is built for surf travelers, who appreciate transportability and flexibility, but do not want to sacrifice performance. It basically fits into a small travel bag among your other stuff and it is an easy enjoyable board for all skill levels – no matter as a true beginner’s board or an extension of your quiver.

The nearest Tripstix

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Length: 5‘9“

Width: 20 1/2“

Thickness: 3 1/2“

Volume: 37.7 Liter

Weight: 4.4 kg

Pack size: 55 x 25 x 12 cm

… on small days

Due to it’s volume this board is a wave catching machine. Because of its hardboard shape with thin rails and a smooth rocker line, it performs like a fun hardboard.

… in river waves

Say good bye to dings, no impact can harm this inflatable – perfect for beginners or advanced surfers as a funboard extension.

… for convenient travel

This board fits into your hand luggage. With our smart adapter for air pressure stations it is the perfect travel companion – no more dings, surcharge and hassle caused by transport, but just as much fun in the water!

Advantages of TRIPSTIX technologies
used technology provides high performance inflatable stand up paddle board
inflatable stand up paddle board technology provides ultra-high stiffness plus damping
used technology ensures exact inflatable stand up paddle board shape
The Technology explained

Thorough engineering and years of development lead to new approaches of watersports technologies:

High-pressure chambers with various tube circumferences define the accurate shape of the board.

A special, patent-pending arrangement of pipes and clusters serve as stringers throughout the entire board.

This worldwide unique technology provides more stiffness and more performance on the water than any other inflatable, while maintaining a small packing size.

graphic demonstrating the difference between standard inflatable SUPs and inflatable SUPs with VacuuAir Technology

Slice Comparison Dropstitch versus ClustAir

ClustAir versus Dropstitch

Due to this new and patented approach the ClustAir technology has several advantages in comparison to a Dropstitch inflatable:

  1. Design of a real board shape with sharp rails, a precise tail/ nose and a defined rocker line is possible.
  2. The multiple chamber system provides ultra stiffness.
  3. The result is a high-performance board.
  4. Due to it’s smart design and top quality our TUNA performs like a hardboard.
  5. Our boards inflate very fast, they do not need much pressure to work excellently.
  6. The ClustAir technology serves for low weight and small packing size.
Award winning
ISPO Product-of-the-year and Gold winner 2020

With the ISPO Award, the leading international sports network ISPO honors the industry’s highlight products every year. The independent jury chooses the most innovative products, which are the result of the manufacturers’ passion and creativity. The award is one of the most important one in the sports business. With the first performance-oriented inflatable shortboard, TRIPSTIX prevailed among several hundred submissions from top dogs like Adidas, Vaude, etc.

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