The nearest TRIPSTIX

We try to be there for you. If this is not possible there are wonderful people and initiatives, who cover for us:

Germany | Tryup

Our friends from Tryup make sport brands and their products thoughout Germany available! Test our boards whenever and wherever you want, the according fee will be credited on your purchase later on.

Tripstix Logo

Come and visit us in Oberhaching/ Munich. We are always up for a ride!

Münster | Dennis Florian Biege

Our friend and ambassador Dennis Florian Biege shows you the TRIPSTIX world in all its facets in Munster and surrounding region.

Mobile: + 157 86026131

Glücksburg | Christoph Mantz

The SUP coriphae Christoph Mantz is our man in the North. At his SUP station Paddles & Fins you can find a TRIPSTIX as well.
Phone: +49 461 16723030

Barcelona | Florian Poirot

Our waterman Florian Poirot brings TRIPSTIX down south.

Mobile: +34 619 869606