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Inflatable innovation

It all started back in 2010 when a group of passionate surfers from the Eisbach river in Munich embarked on a surfing trip. They soon realized that inflatable surfboards are good for traveling, but they are less than ideal to surf.

Consequently, they decided to work hard to bridge the gap between inflatable toys and hardboards. As a result of a long process they invented new technologies which allowed them to fulfill their vision of an high-performance but small-packable inflatable surfboard.

Until now TRIPSTIX is the only company in the world, that can build inflatable high-precision objects with singular performance characteristics. A scientific fundament paired with excellence aspiration of founder and CEO Dr.-Ing. Stefan Klare and his team ensure patented and award-winning designs (winner ISPO BRAND NEW Award in 2016; 2nd place Edison Award in 2017).

Inventor Stefan surfing Munichs river wave in 2014 on the very first VacuuAir-prototype – a 5’4″ shortboard.

River Surf Tripstix inflatable shortboard
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