TRIPSTIX’s patented VacuuAir technology

Key to the extraordinary performance our boards achieve is the new patented VacuuAir technology. After years of development and extensive tests we finally came up with a board that is setting new standards. The concept works with a combination of pressure and vacuum chambers.

High-pressure chambers define the accurate shape of the surfboard. By using multiple chambers, it is possible to recreate the perfect shape of a hardboard. Unlike standard boards this allows you to no longer make sacrifices in handling.

The vacuum chambers are filled with granule. Once a vacuum is applied they serve as multiple stringers throughout the entire surfboard. This unique technique provides extra stiffness and raises stand up paddling to a new level.

Imagine coffee in a vacuum pack!

animation demonstrating the effect of VacuuAir Technology on inflatable stand up paddle board for extra stiffness
graphic demonstrating the patented VacuuAir Technology with the inside structure and cross-section

The VacuuAir technology advantages:

used technology provides high performance inflatable stand up paddle board
inflatable stand up paddle board technology provides ultra-high stiffness plus damping
used technology ensures exact inflatable stand up paddle board shape
used technology provides extraordinary safety and ensures unsinkable inflatable stand up paddle board
super quick inflatable stand up paddle board inflation with under 3 minutes

Standard vs. VacuuAir technology

Standard inflatables bring a lot negative side effects with them. Except for their flexibility.

With our VacuuAir technology we combine both – the flexibility of a standard inflatable SUP and the performance of a hardboard. Besides that we found a way to eliminate the problems that regular inflatables are struggling with.

The multi chamber structure based on the interaction of pressure and vaccum provides noticeably more stiffness and extra damping. These improvements make our boards easy to handle and you will be able to take on greater challenges.

A perfectly optimized and exact shape characterizes our inflatable boards! They convince by sharp rails, delicate nose and tail as well as a concave hull flowing into beautifully balanced rockerlines. These features together with the solid composition result in high-performance inflatable stand up paddle and surfboards.

Standard inflatable surfboards have the same thickness throughout the entire board. They are hard to inflate and sink, if punctured. Thick rails, undefined nose and tail result in less manouverability and ultra low-performance.

SUPs and Surfboards designed by Tripstix float even if punctured, thereby guaranteeing a high level of safety. On top of that they are easy to use and you can inflate them in less than 3 minutes.

So going with Tripstix you can be sure to get an inflatable that meets the highest demands. No matter if you are heading for lakes, rivers or the sea to catch some waves – you will be ready!

graphic demonstrating the difference between standard inflatable SUPs and inflatable SUPs with VacuuAir Technology
graphic demonstrating the superior shape of inflatable SUPs with VacuuAir Technology compared to standard inflatable SUPs