TRIPSTIX surfboards in VacuuAir technology.

The new patented VacuuAir technology – a multi chamber technology.

High pressure chambers define the shape of the surfboard. Through multiple chambers, an accurate shape is achieved.

Vacuum chambers are filled with granule. Once a vacuum is applied, they serve as multiple stringers throughout the entire surfboard, providing extra stiffness.

Like coffee in a vacuum pack!

The VacuuAir technology advantages:

Standard vs. VacuuAir technology

With our VacuuAir technology exact shapes are possible.

Sharp rails, delicate nose and tail, concave hull and balanced rockerlines characterize our inflatable surfboards!

The extra stiffness provided by the vacuum chambers in combination with an exact shape results in a high-performance surfboard.

Surfboards with the multi chamber VacuuAir technology float even if punctured.

Standard inflatable surfboards have the same thickness throughout the entire board. They are hard to inflate and sink, if punctured. Thick rails, undefined nose and tail result in less manouverability and ultra low-performance.