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ISPO Award Winner 2020
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Developed in Germany

The TRIPSTIX technologies

Tubes as the magic ingredient for reinventing inflatable boards

Cluster of tubes enables unique high performance

The key to the outstanding performance of all our boards is a complex arrangement of tubes with varying diameters. Due to the accurate tubes, framed milimeter by milimeter, a precise shape can be modelled for each board section. In this way, thin tails, sharp rails and a real rocker can be realized throughout the entire board. Furthermore, when inflated, the tubes support and reinforce each other, creating a true hardboard feeling - but with the practicality of inflatables once deflated!


Inventive TRIPSTIX tech approaches vs. standard Dropstitch technology

TRIPSTIX ClustAir - Performance and comfort

The patented and award-winning TRIPSTIX ClustAir technology features a complex arrangement of inflatable tubes. The structure provides a maximum moldability of the shape and a true hardboard feeling, whilst keeping the pack size on a minimum. This allows convenient travelling without sacrificing on performance or surf feeling!

TRIPSTIX VacuuAir - Performance and safety

The patented and award-winning TRIPSTIX VacuuAir technology combines over- and underpressure via inflatable tubes embedded in granule. While the tube structure ensures maximum shapeability of the shape and a real hardboard feeling, the vacuum chamber filled with granule serves for more safety on the water: Where conventional inflatables sink, VacuuAir boards float on the water surface even if damaged!

Dropstitch - The industry standard

Dropstitch technology is the given industry standard. PVC-coated fabric is attached by a multitude of threads, creating an inflatable platform. Although this is an easy method of processing, it does not support the performance of surfboards. Boards manufactured this way cannot be shaped or stiffened without increasing the thickness. But this influences the size, weight and perfomance negativeley.




TRIPSTIX - the champion among inflatable techs

Feature TX ClustAir TX VacuuAir Standard Dropstitch

++ Unrivalled hardboardfeeling

- Standard inflatable
Formability ++ True harboard shape incl. sharp rails, precise nose / tail and defined rocker line

-No real shaping possible

Pumping costs

++ Less volume = less pumping effort (1 air chamber)

+ Medium pumping effort due to 2 chamber system - High pumping effort

+ Multi-layer construction prevents quick damage

++ Always floats due to granulate content

- Sinks in case of damage, because often single layer is used

CO2 emission

++ Made-in-Europe

- Made-in-Korea - Made-in-China

++ High-tech, EU-compliant materials

++ High-tech, EU-compliant materials

- Origin of materials not traceable and often of inferior quality

Pack size

++ Small comfortable pack size

+ Transportable pack size

++ Small comfortable pack size

Premium quality Made-in-Europe



Good is not enough - Only high-tech materials are used, which are maximally durable and resilient, as well as guaranteed to meet EU environmental standards.

Hand in hand - TRIPSTIX only works with selected experts in their field. What they all have in common is the highest standard of quality and workmanship.

EU-local for more transparency and diligence - The production of our boards is time-consuming and complex. Only through the proximity of all partners can an intensively supervised and careful manufacturing process take place.

German Engineering drives inventions in water sports

R&D on a scientific foundation



Thorough engineering is the basis for invention and innovation at TRIPSTIX. Years of development and extensive testing result in new approaches to watersports technologies with focus on excellence.

TRIPSTIX is the only company in the world that can build high precision inflatables with unique performance characteristics. A scientific foundation coupled with the commitment to excellence of founder and CEO Dr.-Ing. Stefan Klare and his team ensure patented and award-winning designs (winner ISPO Award 2020 (Product-of-the-Year); 2nd place Edison Award 2017; winner ISPO BRAND NEW Award 2016).

B2B Development

Over more than a decade of accumulated expertise in the design of inflatable objects, we are available for collaborations,development work, etc.- if you are interested, please contact us at

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