Where can I test the boards?

You can always contact us at boardtest@tripstix.de and we will try to find a solution for testing. Especially if you are located in Southern Germany, finding a test-possibilty shouldn’t be a problem.

Is it possible to use the technology in other products?

Yes, there are several other use cases, including boats, tents and logistics. If you are interested in using our technology, feel free to contact us at info@tripstix.de.

How heavy are the products?

The weight of the boards is comparable to standard inflatable boards. The 10’0 Allround SUP will weigh around 12.5 kg.

Up to what weight is the Allround SUP suitable for?

Paddling is possible up to a weight of approximately 100kg – depending on your individual skillset.

What are the advantages compared to regular inflatable SUPs?

The VacuuAir technology used in all Tripstix boards has several advantages: A) Through the new technology we can design a “real” board shape, meaning sharp rails, precise tail and nose and a defined rocker line. B) The technology combines air chambers and vacuum chambers. The vacuum chambers are filled with granule, providing ultra stiffness and very good damping, like a vacuumed coffee pack. C) The result is a high-performance board. D) You can use it in lakes, rivers and waves. E) Because of the technology, our boards inflate very fast and don´t need much pressure. F) The boards are very safe, they float even punctured.

How do I apply the vacuum?

The board set up is very easy. First, inflate the air chamber with the pump inserted in the inflation valve. Secondly, turn the hose of the pump into deflation mode and insert it in the vacuum valve. Then apply vacuum by sucking out the air of the vacuum chamber. Thirdly, go shred.

Will you be offering surfboards as well?

Yes, we are also developing surfboards, but at the moment we are focusing on SUPs. We already tested a shortboard on the river wave “Eisbach” in Munich.

Your question was not answered in the FAQ?

Feel free to contact us via email at info@tripstix.de!