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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I test the boards?

Find your board testing options here.

What are the advantages of TRIPSTIX iSUPs over traditional inflatable SUPs?

TRIPSTIX technologies generate benefits that improve the performance of inflatable SUPs and surfboards:

  • The technologies are based on a multi-chamber system that provides extreme stiffness and excellent damping in both ClustAir and VacuuAir technologies.
  • Our new approaches allow us to design a "real" board shape, meaning sharp rails, a precise tail/nose and a defined rocker line.
  • Because of the agile board shape, our iSUPs "cut" through wind and weather, whereas dropstitch inflatables can easily drift.
  • The grooved surface of TRIPSTIX iSUPs breaks the water surface. That's why our boards glide better.
  • The tube technology allows for very high tracking, specifically this means that you can do more paddle strokes on one side before having to switch.
  • Our boards are generally very quick to inflate, they also don't need a lot of pressure to work great. This minimizes the last very strenuous pumping strokes.
  • TRIPSTIX boards have an overpressure valve, which means that they cannot burst if, for example, there is too much pressure from an electric pump or overheating inside the board.
  • The new series are manufactured in Europe, which results in a much better carbon footprint, guaranteed compliance with environmental standards and better working conditions.
  • We use only the best materials in a patented multi-layer construction, which results in very durable and long-lasting premium ISUPs.


These advantages were also recognized by the jury of the ISPO Award in 2020 and awarded our TUNA in ClustAir technology with the ISPO Product-of-the-Year and Gold Winner Award.

How does it feel as a paddler on the uneven surface (tubes) of a TRIPSTIX iSUP?

Due to the technology that makes the boards perform better, TRIPSTIX boards have a slightly wavy/uneven standing surface. After only a few paddling sessions you will get used to this new standing feeling - and you won't want to miss the unbeatable riding experience - see for yourself and test a TRIPSTIX board now.

TRIPSTIX Rails versus glued-on tear-off edges on dropstitch boards

Manufacturers of conventional iSUPs try to give their boards more performance by attaching tear-off edges to the tail. However, this approach does not solve the original problem of the much too thick edges of inflatable dropstitch boards. TRIPSTIX rails are thin by design and therefore do not need any supposed upgrade.

Why doesn't TRIPSTIX offer "full service" packages (board incl. paddle, backpack, etc.)?

TRIPSTIX tries to implement and live our sustainability claim in every level of its actions - via material purchasing, production and sales. We assume that a TRIPSTIX customer has already gained experience with dropstitch boards and in this context has already been able to purchase the appropriate accessories (pump, paddle, backpack, etc.). Therefore we do not offer a bundle right from the start, but only on demand.

Why might my TRIPSTIX have small wrinkles?

The performance of a TRIPSTIX board is based on a sophisticated multi-chamber system. This construction can only be achieved by three layers of glued material (on the rail even five). The overlapping of the material can cause the smallest wrinkles, which should disappear even if the board is inflated for a longer period of time. In addition to the outstanding performance, this construction method also leads to a more resistant and durable board.

Is it possible to use the technology for other products as well?

Yes, there are several other possible applications, e.g. boats, tents and logistics. If you are interested in using our technologies, please contact us at

VacuuAir boards

Up to what weight is the VacuuAir Allround SUP suitable?

Paddling is possible up to a weight of approx. 95 kg - also depending on individual abilities.

How do you apply vacuum to a VacuuAir board?

Find a setup video for VacuuAir boards here.

Youtube Vorschau 7_mvk2lu3IM

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