Made in Germany
ISPO Award Winner 2020
By surfers for surfers
Developed in Germany
Allround SUP by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottom
Allround SUP 10'0"

Allround SUP 10'0"

Lade Warenkorb
Width:31 "
Pack size:80/50/15cm
Allround SUP by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottomAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - topAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - bottomAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - railAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - tailAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - valvesAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - handleAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - ClustAirAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - dimsAllround SUP by TRIPSTIX - scope of delivery
  • Unsinkable
  • Perfect shape
  • Excellent damping
  • Universally applicable
Allround SUP 10'0"
Allround SUP 10'0"
Allround SUP 10'0"
Allround SUP 10'0"

ALLROUND 10'0" - the name says it all

It is built for all SUPers who appreciate a wide range of use, but do not want to sacrifice quality and stiffness: it performs on lakes, in waves and rivers. Compared to conventional Dropstitch inflatables, the ALLROUND board can also be considered as a step-up board: it´s your go to board to improve your SUP skills and to learn first maneuvers like pivot and step-back turns in no time!


TRIPSTIX Performance Inflatable

TRIPSTIX has managed to develop an inflatable SUP that is not only transportable, but also behaves like a hardboard in the water! Thanks to the patented VacuuAir technology we are able to realize maximum stiffness combined with a filigree shape  - two previously mutually exclusive characteristics that would not be feasible with the standard Dropstitch technology!  [Read more about the ClustAir technology]


The stiffest inflatable in the world

No other inflatable board is as thin and stiff at the same time!

Our very own and patented VacuuAir technology ensures that all TRIPSTIX Standup Paddle boards are the stiffest inflatables on the market - at only half the thickness of a standard Dropstitch board! [Read more about the ClustAir technology]


Shaped Air

The only inflatable with a real hardboard shape!

Due to our patented technologies we are able to make boards in all imaginable shapes - from Minimal to Retrofish - as inflatable twin. Cluster sets of differently shaped tubes enable both perfect thickness distribution and filigree shaping! [Read more about the ClustAir technology]


What's in the box

Included in delivery are:

The patented VacuuAir technology

accomplishes the symbiosis of performance and safety. Our unique approach combines German engineering, high-quality materials and passion for water sports. The result is a peerless inflatable high-performance board with a hardboard feeling! [Read more about the VacuuAir technology]


Award-winning: ISPO Brandnew Award 2016/ 2017

This honor from the internationally recognized sports trade show ISPO represents the world's largest young entrepreneur competition in the sports industry and is thus the world's largest platform for sports startups. Since 2000, ISPO has been searching for and naming the most promising newcomers in the sports industry. Former award winners, including GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja or Nixon are shaping the market today. TRIPSTIX won the 2016/2017 award in the category Hardware Summer with the Allround 10'0. [Read more about the TRIPSTIX history]


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