Made in Germany
ISPO Award Winner 2020
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Developed in Germany
Wave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottom
Wave SUP 8'4"

Wave SUP 8'4"

Lade Warenkorb
Length:8' 4"
Width:31 "
Thickness:5 3/4"
Pack size:85/40/15cm
Wave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottomWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - top Wave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - hull Wave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - railWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - outlineWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - padWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - rail detailWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - rockerlineWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - tail with finsWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - pack sizeWave SUP BELUGA by TRIPSTIX - what's in the box
  • Small pack size
  • Perfect shape
  • Light weight
  • Fast setup
Wave SUP 8'4"
Wave SUP 8'4"
Wave SUP 8'4"
Wave SUP 8'4"
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BELUGA 8'4" - inflatable performance for all passionate wave SUPers

The thin rails, the distinctive squash tail and the harmonic rocker line ensure unrestricted maneuverability and endless surf fun in knee to chest high waves. The balanced outline makes this board a stable yet agile wave SUP. The BELUGA 8'4" in patented ClustAir construction method is the perfect choice for surf SUP travellers who value comfort and performance.

Inflatable wave SUP - outline and shape

The inflatable hardboard

TRIPSTIX has managed to develop an inflatable wave SUP that is not only transportable, but also behaves like a hardboard in the water! Thanks to the patented ClustAir technology we are able to realize maximum stiffness combined with a filigree shape - two previously mutually exclusive characteristics that would not be feasible with the standard Dropstitch technology. [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

Inflatable wave SUP - technology

The stiffest inflatable in the world

No other inflatable board is as thin and stiff at the same time

Our very own and patented ClustAir technology ensures that all TRIPSTIX Standup Paddle boards are the stiffest inflatables on the market. In the case of our BELUGA Wave SUP, this manifests itself in the fact that it does not flex more than 1 cm for an average weight paddler (75kg). This also means, that damping features of the board are excellent. Impacts from waves or choppy water will not affect your paddling - no more trampoline feeling on the water! [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

The TRIPSTIX team took the BELUGA Wave SUP out into the waves of France/Spain - read more about our road trip in the TRIPSTIX blog. You can see a small part of it and the board performance here in the video:

Youtube Vorschau DEGf8Po34G0

Inflatable wave SUP - outline detail

Shaped Air

The only inflatable with a real hardboard shape

Due to our patented technologies we are able to make boards in all imaginable shapes - from Minimal to Retrofish - as inflatable twin. Cluster sets of differently shaped tubes enable both perfect thickness distribution and filigree shaping. This means for the Wave SUP concretely:

  • 4 cm thickness at the nose
  • 14 cm at the thickest point in the middle
  • 4 cm thin tail

No other iSUP can offer you this kind of hardboard shape and thus more performance and fun on the water.

[Read more about the ClustAir technology]

Absolutely new performance features

TRIPSTIX SUPs glide through wind and fly over water

Have you ever paddled with an iSUP and couldn't get upwind? That won't happen to you with performance inflatables from TRIPSTIX. Since the boards have a harmonious volume distribution even in thickness, they simply cut through gusts of wind. The BELUGA wave SUP has a thin nose of only 4 cm - perfect for fighting wind and weather with minimal effort! The danger of drifting off is also considerably reduced.

In addition, TRIPSTIX iSUPs do not "stick" to the water, as is the case with Dropstitch inflatables due to the flat surface of this construction. The tubular structure of TRIPSTIX boards in patented ClustAir technology, on the other hand, breaks the water surface. This makes the performance SUPs glide much faster and with less effort - you will especially appreciate this feature when paddling with speed strength for waves with the BELUGA wave SUP.

Inflatable wave SUP - bottom

Inflatable wave SUP - pack size

Transportable performance

Less is more

With all the advantages of the ClustAir technology, the basic idea of an inflatable is still preserved: The simple and space-saving transport. The BELUGA wave SUP even fits into a duffle bag along with your clothes.

Inflatable wave SUP with pump

Easy Set-up

Less pumping than a standard inflatable

Since TRIPSTIX boards can be shaped more precisely and therefore have less "excess" volume than Dropstitch inflatables, a fraction of the pumping effort is sufficient to achieve the desired stiffness. The wave SUP also requires only 15 PSI to function optimally. This means that the last strenuous and energy-sapping pumping strokes to the otherwise more usual 22 PSI are thus completely eliminated. At a moderate pumping speed, our BLEUGA is inflated and ready to go in just 2:30 minutes.

Inflatable wave SUP - valves

More safety

A TRIPSTIX board cannot burst due to overpressure

Everybody knows one of these stories: Leaving an inflatable in the sun for too long or letting the electric pump out of sight once and *poof* - you are left holding only the remains of your board, because the heat has increased the internal pressure and caused the glue to burst.

The BELUGA Wave SUP has a built-in relief valve that opens when there is too much pressure inside the board - a very handy automatic "rip cord". But beware: this does not mean that you should leave your iSUP in the sun, because the board will still suffer.

CO2-optimized supply chains

TRIPSTIX ClustAir boards are Made-in-Europe

Since we source the majority of the needed raw materials in the EU and manufacture them in Europe, TRIPSTIX boards emit only a fraction of C02 compared to a conventional inflatable produced in China/ Asia. In addition, there are far better health and safety measures, guaranteed compliance with European environmental regulations, and cooperation on an eye-to-eye level between all the partners involved.

Wave SUP Made-in-Europe

Best materials for best quality

TRIPSTIX boards live longer

We only source selected high-tech materials from specialized suppliers. Combined with German engineering and European precision work, this dedication to technology and detail results in one of the longest lasting premium inflatables. Every seam, every glue joint, every smallest element is trimmed in elaborate test procedures towards the optimal performance of our wave SUP.

Wave SUP excerpt - quality material

Inflatable wave SUP - scope of delivery

What's in the Box

Included in delivery are:

And no more. We know about the otherwise usual full equipment packages (backpack, paddles, etc.), but can not reconcile this with our understanding of sustainability, because we assume that these accessories are already present with most buyers - and if not, we are happy to offer on request a package price.

The patented ClustAir technology

is the advancement of our VacuuAir technology and creates the symbiosis of performance and convenience. Our unique approach combines German engineering, high-quality materials and passion for water sports. The result is a peerless technology to manufacture inflatable high-performance boards with a hardboard feeling! [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

ClustAir technology logo

Award-winning: ISPO Product-of-the-Year and Gold Winner 2020

With the ISPO Award, the leading international sports network ISPO honors the highlight products of the industry every year. The independent jury selects the most innovative products, which are the result of the passion and creativity of the manufacturers. The award is one of the most important trophies in the sports industry. With the first performance-oriented inflatable surfboard in ClustAir technology, TRIPSTIX prevailed among several hundred submissions. Former award winners, including GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja or Nixon are shaping the market today. [Read more about the TRIPSTIX history]

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