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Test TRIPSTIX boards

Germany | TRYUP!

Our friends at TRYUP! make sure that the products of various sports brands are available for testing all over Germany. Test a TRIPSTIX board whenever and wherever you want. The rental fee will be reimbursed with the purchase of a TRIPSTIX board.


Stefan Klare paddeling


Come visit us in Allgäu and go paddling with us!


Dennis Florian Biege TRIPSTIX Ambassador

Munster | Dennis Florian Biege

If you are in the area in and around Munster, feel free to contact our friend and ambassador Dennis Florian Biege. He will supply you with TRIPSTIX boards.

Mobile: +49 (0) 157 - 86026131

Glücksburg | Paddles & Fins

SUP luminary Christoph Mantz is our man in the north of Germany. At his Paddles & Fins SUP Station you can also test TRIPSTIX boards.

Phone: +49 (0) 461 - 16723030

TRIPSTIX Ambassador Florian Poirot

Barcelona | Florian Poirot

If you are travelling in the south of Spain, in the Barcelona area, feel free to contact our waterman Florian Poirot.

Mobile: +34 (0) 619 - 869606

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