Made in Germany
ISPO Award Winner 2020
By surfers for surfers
Developed in Germany
Inflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottom
Funboard 5'9"

Funboard 5'9"

Lade Warenkorb
Length:5‘ 9 "
Width:20 1/2 "
Thickness:3 1/2 "
Volume:37,7 l
Pack size:55/25/12cm
Inflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - top rail bottomInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - topInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - side view/ rockerInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - hullInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - outlineInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - rockerlineInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - railInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - tail/ railInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - tail/ padInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - nose/ padInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX - valvesInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX with blue rails - topInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX with blue rails - tail with kickpadInflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX with blue rails - tail
  • Small pack size
  • Perfect shape
  • Light weight
  • Fast setup
Funboard 5'9"
Funboard 5'9"
Funboard 5'9"
Funboard 5'9"
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The TUNA 5'9'' - the first true inflatable surfboard

The ISPO Gold Winner and ISPO Product of the year 2020 convinces every surf traveller with its small pack size and real surfboard character. It is suitable for all skill levels - either as a funboard extension for advanced surfers or as an easy beginner board. The 37.7 liters of volume brings buoyancy and thus pure surfing joy, especially on days with smaller waves! Thanks to the Thruster fin set-up you have enough maneuverability in your maneuvers and still enough grip when you are in the critical vertical part of the wave.

The BLUEFIN TUNA 5'9'' - we donate the profit from the sales

Inspired by the Southern Bluefin Tuna, we have developed the BLUEFIN TUNA surfboard. This limited edition has a blue band along the outline. In this way, we want to draw attention to the fact that this species of tuna is heavily overfished and threatened by extinction. For this reason, we donate our entire profit from this special edition sales to Sea Shepherd and NABU.

Outline inflatable surfboard

The inflatable hardboard

TRIPSTIX has managed to develop an inflatable surfboard that is not only transportable, but also behaves like a hardboard in the water! Thanks to the patented ClustAir technology we are able to realize maximum stiffness combined with a filigree shape - two features that no other manufacturer manages to combine, but are so crucial for a real surf experience. [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

Tracktion pads inflatable surfboard

The stiffest inflatable in the world

No other inflatable board is as thin and stiff at the same time

Our very own and patented ClustAir technology ensures that all TRIPSTIX surfboards are the stiffest inflatables on the market. This makes the surf feelling of our TUNA similar to that of a foamie. [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

Shape and rail inflatable surfboard

Shaped Air

Nothing is as important as thin edges: the only inflatable with a real hardboard shape

Due to our patented technologies we are able to make boards in all imaginable shapes - from Minimal to Retrofish - as inflatable twin. Cluster sets of differently shaped tubes enable both perfect thickness distribution and filigree shaping. This means for our inflatable surfboard:

  • 2,5 cm thickness at nose
  • 9 cm at the thickest point in the middle
  • 3 cm thin tail

[Read more about the ClustAir technology]

Side view inflatable surfboard

Transportable performance

The first inflatable performance surfboard that fits in carry-on luggage.

Have you ever grudgingly paid the airline's transport fee and ended up with a battered board? That can not happen to you with our inflatable performance surfboard - no additional transport fees, no scratches, just put it in your (hand) luggage and nothing stands in the way of your surfing vacation.

Valve adapter - accessory for inflatable surfboard

Easy Set-up

TRIPSTIX boards are set up flexibely and in a blink of an eye

There are several ways to set up our TUNA, all of which are very easy:

  • Set-up via SUP pump: with muscle power, the TUNA is ready for use in about 30 seconds of moderate pumping.
  • Set-up via bicycle pump: With the included valve adapter, you can do without an extra pump. Because with the smart accesssory you can also use the bicycle hand pump to inflate our TUNA. This extends the pumping time somewhat, but an extra pump is no longer necessary.
  • For the minimalists: At every gas station there is an air station where you can blow the TUNA with the same valve adapter in no time ready for use.

Inflatable surfboard - valves

More safety

A TRIPSTIX board cannot burst due to overpressure

Everybody knows one of these stories: Leaving an inflatable in the sun for too long or letting the electric pump out of sight once and *poof* - you are left holding only the remains of your board, because the heat has increased the internal pressure and caused the glue to burst.

The inflatable surfboard from TRIPSTIX has a built-in relief valve that opens when there is too much pressure inside the board - a very handy automatic "rip cord". But beware: this does not mean that you should leave your inflatable in the sun, because the board will still suffer.

CO2-optimized supply chains

TRIPSTIX ClustAir boards are Made-in-Europe!

Since we source the majority of the needed raw materials in the EU and manufacture in Europe, TRIPSTIX boards emit only a fraction of C02 compared to a conventional inflatable produced in China/ Asia. In addition, there are far better health and safety measures, guaranteed compliance with European environmental regulations, and cooperation on an eye-to-eye level between all the partners involved.

Inflatable surfboards made-in-Europe

Best materials for best quality

TRIPSTIX boards live longer

We only source selected high-tech materials from specialized suppliers. Combined with German engineering and European precision work, this dedication to technology and detail results in one of the longest lasting premium inflatables. Every seam, every glue joint, every smallest element is trimmed in elaborate test procedures towards the optimal performance of our inflatable surfboard.

Tracktion pad and tail kick inflatable surfboard

Scope of delivery inflatable surfboard

What‘s in the box

Included in delivery are:

The patented ClustAir technology

is the advancement of our VacuuAir technology and creates the symbiosis of performance and convenience. Our unique approach combines German engineering, high-quality materials and passion for water sports. The result is a peerless technology to manufacture inflatable high-performance boards with a hardboard feeling. [Read more about the ClustAir technology]

ClustAir tec logo

Award-winning: ISPO Product-of-the-Year and Gold Winner 2020

With the ISPO Award, the leading international sports network ISPO honors the highlight products of the industry every year. The independent jury selects the most innovative products, which are the result of the passion and creativity of the manufacturers. The award is one of the most important trophies in the sports industry. With the first performance-oriented inflatable surfboard in ClustAir technology, TRIPSTIX prevailed among several hundred submissions. Former award winners, including GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja or Nixon are shaping the market today. [Read more about the TRIPSTIX history]

ISPO Gold Winner Logo 2020

Testimonial inflatable surfboard by TRIPSTIX

"The small pack size was very convenient for me, since it did not require a roof rack or even a van. Inflated with the bicycle pump in five minutes, the TUNA surprised me with its easy handling. Paddling through the white water proved doable for the first time, almost easy. Even at 3 to 4 feet, I was able to paddle the waves well. For me as a beginner, the safety aspect was also convincing. Because the unique construction offers sufficient stiffness when surfing, but does not make it an unwanted projectile in a wash. I can only confirm the description funboard and wave-catching machine. After the vacation is also before! No matter to which sea, with which means of transport - the TUNA will be with me." - Harald Brunner

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