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Vive la France y España!

Here we go again! Slowly and with caution, but still. Freshly vaccinated and with a total of 7 SUP and surfboards in the luggage, it goes for us in a HYMER camper for a week to France to shoot a complete advertising campaign for our BELUGA.

Table of Contents

Day 1 - Here we go!

We set off Wednesday night in Allgäu, on the direct route to Anglet near Biarritz. After not even 30 minutes: police stop. Olé olé! But after meanwhile seventeen years in possession of a driving licence, I know that one should be cooperative in such situations. And so, not even ten minutes later, we continued our journey towards the sea. Eighteen hours later we finally arrived at our destination: the KANOA Surfboards studio - pretty flat and worn out, but hey, we are at the sea. And the good thing about our current state is that the beer tastes phenomenally good now.

Day 2 - The first session

It's Friday morning and the conditions are good, at least on Magicseaweed. So fast forward to the spot and check it out. And yes- it' s a match! Off into the wetsuits and into the over head high waves. There is not much going on in the lineup, so there are enough waves left for everyone, so that after two hours the air is gone and we take a rest in the camper. And as it is on many surf trips, you hang out on your cell phone a lot and check various forecast apps. So we decide to head further south in the course of the day: next stop Zarautz.

Warm Up Session in La Barre

Day 3 - Off to Spain

In the hammock with a view over Zarautz

The weather is top! The site is great! But waves? ...määäh... Okay, and now? Drive on or put up a hammock and watch the European Championship match Portugal-Germany later? We are finally convinced by the phenomenal view from the cliff and decide for the hammock.

Day 4 - Planning is key!

It is Sunday and we drive relatively aimlessly towards Cantabria. Along the coastal road, through several fishing villages and at smaller ports we come out at a cute bay. Beautiful, hardly any people and the best: It has waist-high waves. Well then, we park our HYMER-mobile on top of the cliff and take the narrow path through the bushes down to the beach. After a few waves we are soon sure... this is where we want to shoot the image video for the BELUGA Wave SUP. So back to the van and check the weather and wave forecast. The waves look quite good. On average about waist to chest high, and light offshore wind - yes! Only the weather does not quite cooperate, because from half past nine in the morning clouds are supposed to come up. So the alarm clock is set for 5:45, so we have enough time. In this sense, good night!

Day 5 - Camera rollin'

A quarter of an hour late, but still on time, we head out into the empty bay. The conditions are exactly as we saw it in the app the night before - glassy! So there you go, drone and camera unpacked and off we go!

The phrase "planning is half the battle" is actually true, because after less than two hours we are ready. In the meantime there are a few more surfers in the water and the first clouds are coming up, which does not bother us anymore - footage is in the cam! Now first breakfast and discuss the situation.


Youtube Vorschau DEGf8Po34G0

We now have three days to create content, but how or where to use? Further direction Galicia or nevertheless again back to France? So really convinced us none of the two options so back to France, but slowly. Since the weather reminds us more of April than June, it's probably vanlife without surfing now. Well, so we can at least enjoy the landscape, which is impressively beautiful even in the rain.

Somewhere in the Basque Country

Day 6 - Back to France

Office day in the campervan

Back in Anglet, we dread getting off the bus because it's just raining. And what do you do on laydays in France? Right, you look at the outlets near Hossegor. But somehow there is always the same crap. Then we just do an office day today, which is easy in the camper with two people.

Day 7 - Au revoir

It's Thursday and since the swell is not really good for the next days, we decide to go back to Germany today. We treat ourselves to the day and make a stop in Moliets. As predicted, there is not much surfing on offer, neither for the SUP nor the surfboard, but the weather shows its best side with an unforgettable sunset. With nightfall it's time for us to say: Au revoir á la France, and we make our way home. 18 hours - hurray. And funnily enough: Our trip ends just as it began, with a police stop.

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